Street Plaques


Photo #1 - YBBA supports the GYRA project

Charlotte Janssen (left), president of the YBBA with Gee Chung from GYRA and Cam Forster, chair of our special events committee. They’re making our donation for $500 to GYRA’s plaque program.

Photo #4 -Riverboat today

GYRA organized the program to salute the historic music clubs scattered through Yorkville in the 1960s. It’s a great program – these clubs had a big impact on Canadian culture and the plaques also add considerably to the interest and beauty of our streetscape. Young musicians like Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen sang here regularly.

Photo #2 - Riverboat Plaque

The first plaque is already in place. It marks the site of The Riverboat at 118 Yorkville.

Photo #3 - The Penny Farthing

Future plaques will honour The Penny Farthing (at 112 Yorkville) and The Purple Onion (at Avenue Road & Yorkville).

We earned the funds for this donation at our 2014 golf tournament in September.