1 - Charlotte Janssen

On Tuesday March 3, we hosted an appreciation breakfast to honour retiring police Chief Bill Blair at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (141 St George Street).  Charlotte Janssen, the Yonge Bloor Bay president, chaired the event.

2 - Glen Murray

Guests included the Hon Glen Murray, local residents groups, Church of the Redeemer and major local businesses.

3 - Police guests

Officers from 51, 52 and 53 Division were our guests, including Superintendent Elizabeth Byrnes (51 Division) and Superintendent Dave McCormack (52 Division)

4 - Media

The event was covered by media from CP24, CBC, CITY, the Globe & Mail and several other papers and television stations.

5 - Al Stuart

The Chief was introduced by Al Stuart from The Pilot.  Al has been a long-serving member of our police liaison committee.

6 - Chief's speech

His speech focused on Toronto’s inclusiveness and tolerance.

7 - Nick Vesely

Nick Vesely, a past YBBA president, expressed our thanks and made a presentation to the Chief.

8 - Bill Blair with the Guardian Eagle

Gallery Gevik (12 Hazelton Avenue) donated a stone sculpture, The Guardian Eagle, by Iroquois artist Roy Henry.

9 - A good crowd

10 - A good crowd

A good crowd.

11 - Dining room

The dining room at the Club is an excellent facility.  RCYC’s staff handled our event smoothly.